BizBash Case Study

Showcase Ontario
BizBash Event Style Show Expo & Awards
Toronto, ON
February 2007 & 2008
5x4 Infinite Plasma, AQUiVO Weather Resistant LCD

About BizBash

Founded in 2000, BizBash is the leading trade media for the event industry. BizBash publishes magazines and e-newsletters, hosts Web sites, and produces trade shows and award shows for corporate event and meeting professionals, event marketers, and sales, PR, fund-raising, and human resource executives. BizBash serves the markets in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Washington, D.C., Florida and Chicago.

Project Details

2007: Bizbash needed to display the events happening on stage onto a big screen that could be seen anywhere from a reasonable distance.

2008: BizBash approached APG wanting a digital signage that would be located outside in the front entrance of the show. Traditional LCD or plasma would not suffice as they were not built to withstand the outdoors, let alone February winter weather.

The APG Solution

2007: APG set up a 5x4 Infinite Plasma wall on stage so that different events were seen (such as shows, flower arrangement competition, entertainment, award ceremony) from the main show area. People at the boots as well as attendees were able to see what was going on at the stage while browsing through the exhibitors' area.

2008: The AQUiVO weather resistanst LCD was the perfect media for this situation, specifically designed for areas where the environment would affect the screen. The LCD was to display media played off a DVD player, created by BizBash showing attendees information about the show, including agenda. On the day of the show, AQUiVO proved to truly be weather resistant by withstanding -7 degree temperature and bright sunlight.


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