D-Zone Case Study

Showcase Ontario
Private Event
Toronto, ON
May 2007
8x8 Infinite Plasma

Project Details

APG Displays was contacted in September 2006 with a request for a large display wall for a private event to be held in May 2007. This was to be the largest Orion Plasma wall ever created - worldwide.

64 plasma units. 8 legs. 17' high. 335 square feet of display. 7500+ pounds that needs to be free standing. These were only a few of the challenges APG Displays had to face recently when building an 88 plasma.

The APG Solution

The 88 wall required custom manufactured legs to hold a frame 13.75 feet high x 24.33 feet wide, 42" off of the floor with a total weight including all plasmas of more than 7500 lbs. A mechanical engineer and a custom metal shop were hired exclusively for this job.

To leave nothing to chance, a complete dummy build and comprehensive test was undertaken before the event; structural build, safety testing, cabling, pre-colour balancing, matrixing and control programming were all checked exhaustively.

During the event, the screens were controlled and remotely managed using the Crestron MP2E controller with a TPS4500 touch panel. The multiple sources were sent to the plasma wall using an Extron 88 matrix switcher and 8 Extron distribution amplifiers. The inputs used for the wall included 4 DVD players, 4 cameras and a media server all set to the same resolution and frequency. APG's programmers worked hard to make this touch panel solution extremely simple for the show operator. In the end, the operator simply needed to touch the "desired look" he wanted on the 88 and the input source would appear in each magnification.

Guests were amazed by the power of the screens, generating a wow factor never experienced before to every single person in that room. APG Displays had just created the largest plasma wall in Canada, and did so to perfection. It was a flawless execution to a tight deadline.


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