HBC Case Study

HBC Olympics
Toronto, ON
May 2008
6x6 Infinite Plasma

About HBC

Founded in 1666, its first century of operation found HBC firmly established in a few forts and posts around the shores of James and Hudson Bays. Natives brought furs annually to these locations to barter for manufactured goods such as knives, kettles, beads, needles, and blankets. The growth of retail spurred HBC into a wide variety of commercial pursuits. The 21st century finds HBC well into its fourth century of retailing in Canada. Its major retail channels - the Bay, Zellers, Home Outfitters, and Fields - together provide more than two-thirds of the retail needs of Canadians.

Project Details

With the upcoming 2010 Vancouver Olympics, HBC, a sponsor for the Olympics, has recently launched its 2008 Beijing Olympics athlete apparel, including the official Team Canada uniforms. HBC's theme for this event was "The Olympic Games, Stylized", putting together a fashion show to showcase the new apparel.

The APG Solution

APG Displays took on the challenge of creating a 6x6 Infinite Plasma - 36 seamless Infinite Plasma Panels wired with 900 ft of cabling, one of the biggest video walls ever created in Canada. The overly-large screen created a stylized atmosphere that was built to resemble a sports stadium, with the screen being the "scoreboard". Audiences were seated in industrial, unfinished stadium bleachers, and the floor was covered in astro-turf and a stage built to resemble a figure-8 running track. The plasma wall displayed live HD camera feed of the models as well as custom-designed HD video material created over a 2 year period by HBC during the event. Input was provided in HD-SDI Format from Front of House, and was converted to DVI prior to being fed into the wall. Audiences were amazed at the size of the wall, and it made for a perfect background to the fashion show. The event went off flawlessly, and can be contributed to a dedicated sales team, impeccable project management and a technical support and installation team willing to go over and above to make every request of the client a reality.