Porsche Case Study

Downtown Porsche
Unveiling of Turbo 911
Toronto, ON
October 2007
103" Plasma

About Porsche

Porsche is one of the most well known car manufacturers in the world. Known for its luxury high performance car, Porsche is currently the world's largest race car manufacturer. Porsche owners are passionate about their automobiles in a way no other automotive marque can match. The current Porsche line-up includes sports cars from the Boxster roadster to their most famous product, the 911. Located in downtown Toronto, Downtown Porsche is one of only 3 Porsche dealerships in Ontario.

Project Details

With the unveiling of Porsche's Turbo 911, Downtown Porsche had the issue of trying to find a media that would showcase the luxurious car. The event was a private, invitation only event, where loyal clients and high net worth customers were invited.

The APG Solution

The 103" plasma was the perfect tool. Having been described as the "goliath", the 103" plasma is currently the largest plasma in production, and what better way to show a premium car than with a premium technology. The showcase room was filled with Porsche's famous line up of car models, including the Turbo 911, as the centre of attention. Displayed on the 103" was the promotion video of the new Turbo 911 created by Porsche. Clients and employees alike were amazed at the car, as well as the 103" plasma beside it.