When Samsung hosts a party, they create an experience. Such was the case when the Toronto Samsung Experience Center on Yonge Street hosted a critically acclaimed Seoul, Korea-based chef to demonstrate cooking techniques with their newest kitchen appliances. To create a fully immersive experience for event guests and passersby, Samsung asked North America’s leading distributor and sub-renter of videowalls APG Rentals to design a high resolution videowall to take over every inch of its second-floor windows – for just one night.

“We were tasked with designing and installing an edge-to-edge display to showcase the chef’s appearance with beautiful graphics celebrating Seoul, Korea,” explained APG Rentals President David Weatherhead. “The goal was to build the display as close to the front glass as possible. This was meant to create an element of privacy for the chef and her guests, while also creating a show for people passing on the busy street below.”

Samsung required that the display be vibrant, high resolution, and incredibly immersive. The APG Rentals team recommended a 2.9 mm Hyper Pixel LED videowall with rear service cabinets measuring at 168 x 168 pixels each. “In addition to providing a stunning picture, Hyper Pixel has its own proprietary ground structure that is makes image alignment consistent across every display,” Weatherhead explained. “This allows us to give the client an accurate measurement, every time, of what the depth of the display will be and allows for rapid installation times. This element, though seemingly small, is critical for us to plan and install quickly.”

Given that the store is situated on a corner, and therefore the windows are divided into angled sections, APG Rentals had to work around several architectural elements to fit the displays perfectly into the space. For example, they had to use three displays, instead of one, with two measuring in at 6 x 2 panels and one at 4 x 10 panels, to work around the 45-degree pillar dividing the corner windows.

“Also, our technical team had to make sure that, despite the edge made by the corner store, no gap in the videowall was seen from the street,” explained APG Rentals Lead AV Technician Adam Hickman. “We measured the angle to be perfectly correct, creating the illusion that three displays were actually one, cohesive videowall.” Hickman and his team used four Novastar VX4S scalers to run the wall and stitch the images together so that they ran cohesively as one.

Not only was APG Rentals asked to build a stunning videowall with the best image quality possible, but they also had to install it overnight, and de-construct it only ten hours later.

“We were limited in time, meaning that there was absolutely no room for error,” Hickman said. “The last thing we wanted was to encounter a complication that would prevent us from delivering what we promised to the client. In a situation like this, the product needs to be foolproof, fast, and easy-to-install, and the technician crew needs to be expert in their craft. With APG Rentals at the helm, we were able to pull it off very successfully.”

According to Weatherhead, the client was ecstatic with the outcome. “The end-result was exactly what they wanted,” he concluded. “For us, there will always be logistical challenges, but we find a way to make our clients’ dreams a reality.”

To watch a video of the installation process, click  here.

2.9 mm LED Hyper Pixel videowall

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