Hyper Pixel 1.9mm LED Videowall

Hyper Pixel 1.9 has an industry-leading design that allows for fast, easy, and safe stacking. Its rear LCD display provides easy to see signal information, and it features cutting edge fast-locking and heat dissipation technologies.


  • Patented edge protection, 97% less lamp damage
  • Unique design ensures perfect alignments in X,Y,Z directions
  • Cable free version available, average install 9sec/panel
  • Magnetic modules and switchable control box
  • 8:9 aspect ratio panel


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Technical Specifications

Pixel Pitch
Panel Weight
8.5 kgs
Panel Power Consumption
140w / 60w
1000 nits
Viewing Angle
160° / 140°
Contrast Ratio
Installation, Service

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