32” – 86” LCD Touchscreens

APG Rentals offers touchscreen monitors in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate any exhibit space or presentation environment, including the newest 10 point touch!

APG Touchscreens are highly effective for engaging audiences and attendees on the tradeshow floor or stage.  APG Touchscreens make presentations more compelling and dynamic, and makes the message accessible.  Touchscreens are one of the best ways to enhance your meeting, corporate event, or tradeshow display by adding the dimension of interaction on top of standard LCD displays.

Attendees, visitors, and potential clients interact with touchscreen displays in a unique way as they enter contact information, download documents, or browse through information at their own pace.

Easy to transport and quick to set up, our touchscreens are the ideal product for creating an engaging and immersive centerpiece.


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