NanoLumens 114” NanoSlim

The NanoSlim™ is a harmonious blend of form and function, strategically designed from an end-user's perspective to transform your tradeshow booth space into digital reality.

A simple hanging rail means it is perfect for rental applications. The NanoSlim weighs significantly less than comparable displays and can be installed with as little as a few bolts or two cables hung from the ceiling.

For ease of use, the screens have a simple 'plug and play' system, and a range of inputs can be displayed to suit the application. The screens can be hung in both portrait and landscape orientations.

The sleek, low profile screens are perfect for corporate events and high-end environments where space is a premium, and a high-quality finish is of the essence.


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Technical specifications

Display Size
114" diagonal
Pixel Pitch
1,000 cd/m²
Power Consumption
500w avg

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