AViary Par4Keet

Par4Keet is the first video player to combine class-leading video playback at 4K resolution and beyond along with true realtime media manipulation and multi-screen configurability in a robust rack-mount casing.

Logo overlay, in/out points, and integration with protocols such as SMPTE, MIDI and DMX can be deployed and programmed easily from within the unit's intuitive user interface removing the need for additional processing equipment or return visits to an edit suite.

Comprehensive output mapping tools bring much of the functionality found in video wall controllers inside the source machine removing the need for third party processors and enabling super-creative display layouts even with semi-professional and domestic grade screens. Full compensation for canvases comprising devices with varying resolutions, freeform spacing and arbitrary rotation of any or all displays, configured quickly and intuitively from Par4Keet's front panel or accompanying software.


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Technical Specifications

Playback videos and images up to 12 Megapixels with unrestricted aspect ratios
Output Splitters
Chop, warp and blend content onto the 4 outputs
Sync to Timecode
Control via DMX, MIDI, RS232 or Ethernet
3D Objects
Project onto 3D objects quickly and easily
Total integration
Synchronise each output to external SMPTE timecode for total integration with audio playback or other timing feeds

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