Aluvision Hi-LED 55 2.5m LED Videowall for tradeshow booths

Aluvision Hi-LED 55 2.5mm videowall tile, panel rentals are designed to create videowalls specifically for Aluvision framing systems. Available in 2.5mm resolution with flat, curved and corner panels that integrate seamlessly into your Aluvision frame system.  Can only be used with Aluvision framing systems.


Mainly used for tradeshows / exhibitions where Aluvision frames are used.  Excellent option for creative videowall builds.

With these 2.5mm Hi-LED 55 panels or LEDskins, the design possibilities are truely endless. Must be used with Aluvision frame systems.

The Hi-LED 55 flat tile is the foundation of all creative realisations, and be used alongside other creative LED panels to build tunnels, large LED walls & staggered LED displays. Use the flat Aluvision LED to create immersive cubes, boxes, flat walls and floor-to-ceiling displays when combined with floor at exhibitions, conferences and in retail spaces.

Must be used with Aluvision exhibition/tradeshow aluminum framing systems.


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Technical Specifications

Pixel Pitch
192 x 192 px
1000 nits
Panel Dimension
496mm x 496mm x 55mm
Panel Weight
9.8 kg
Framing System
Max Power
610 (W/m²)
Contrast Ratio
BeMatrix LEDSKINS - 2.5mm LED Videowall
BeMatrix LEDSKINS - 2.5mm LED Videowall
Aluvision Hi-LED 55 LED Tiles LEDSkin
Aluvision Hi-LED 55 - 2.5mm LED Tiles
Aluvision Hi-LED 55 - 2.5mm LED Tiles
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