MT Series 2.3mm LED Videowall for tradeshow framing systems

2.3mm LED Tile custom designed to seamlessly match exhibition / tradeshow aluminum frame systems.

Tile size is 496 x 496mm, and features custom pins for flush installation into tradeshow framing systems.  Tiles are fully front and rear serviceable.

A standard ground support and hanging system is also available for clients not using a tradeshow framing system.

This custom tile is heavily upgraded beyond standard LEDskins, with more advanced receiver cards, better resolution at 2.3mm pixel pitch, and superior LEDs for impressive colours and grayscale.

Flat, Curved and Corner tiles are available. 

This LED tile intregrates and is compatible with all major tradeshow aluminum framing systems.


Mainly used for tradeshows / exhibitions where frames are used to build exhibit structures.  Excellent option for creative videowall builds.

With these 2.3mm LED panels or LEDskins, the design possibilities are truely endless.


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Technical Specifications

Pixel Pitch
208 x 208 px
Panel Dimension
496mm x 496mm x 62mm
1100 nits
Panel Weight
15.43 lbs
Framing System
BeMatrix and Aluvision Compatible
Max Power
Max 650 W/m2 / Avg 325 W/m2
Contrast Ratio
LEDSkin MT2.3mm
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BeMatrix LEDSKINS - 2.5mm LED Videowall
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Aluvision Hi-LED 55 - 2.5mm LED Tiles
MT Series LEDSkin 2.3mm
MT Series 2.3mm Skins - LED Videowall
MT Series 2.3mm Skins - LED Videowall
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